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Search the respective app stores and you can find a host of weather apps, each that give you different levels of weather information. Most pull data from the National Weather Service feeds and repurpose it.

There is a new app out this morning that is worth a closer look and it is being introduced from one of the leaders in broadcast weather technology, Weather Central.

Weather Central is offering the “My Weather” in the Itunes and Android app stores, at no charge. My weather uses location services for instant conditions where ever you may be. The instant info includes: currents, an interactive radar, local weather news, hourly and 10 day forecasts.

Radar levels include not only rain, but ice and snow accumulations.

Also built in are tropical weather maps for hurricane tracking and review.There are three views of Atlantic storms and a view from the Pacific coast. Here’s a list of options offered for the app website.

View the hourly forecast on an easy-to-understand graph, and instantly see the weather trend for your location. Turn your iPhone sideways and the graph fills your screen. Touch any point along the graph to see that hour’s forecasted sky condition and temperature.
A full-color radar map centers in on your selected location. Turn your iPhone sideways for a full-screen, interactive map. Choose a display mode (road map or terrain view) and see lightning, storm cells, temperatures, wind speed and more. Zoom in and view the weather over your favorite golf course, sports arena, or beach.
Want to read about the weather? The News tab gives you national forecast summaries, weather safety tips, and other helpful information.
You also can choose to send weather alerts for any of your saved locations to your iPhone. Select the exact type of alerts you’d like to receive, and turn them on and off any time you’d like.

This app is simple and straight forward and always up-to-date, regardless of where you are in the world. This app is a good one to keep on your smartphone deck.

Here is a link to the app in the Itunes store and Android market.

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