Tools of the Trade – Twitter Adds Pics

This is one that you could see coming from a mile away. Overnight Twitter added the ability to include pictures with tweets for all users. In the past users might have relied on third party services like Twitpic, which Twitter offered to buy back in 2009.

The new photo option is displayed when users log into the web version of Twitter. A prompt will send you to a new camera icon that sits underneath the message box. You can upload images up to 3MB in size, and once uploaded automatically appears as a thumbnail as you compose your tweet. Now if you don’t like the image you are getting ready to send there is an option to delete as well.

Twitter partnered with Photobucket to host the uploaded photos.

Other cool options include the ability to include pictures in a Twitter search, just by including a hashtag.

Today’s update is the first of several expected from Twitter in the coming months. Twitter has no official mobile app for pictures upload, though Apple is expected to add that option to the next iPhone update. Video uploads are the obvious next upgrade, which many believe is already in the works.

Wikipedia, the internet encyclopedia, lists Twitter with 200 million users and 1.6 billion searches per day. Now that potentially is a lot of pictures.


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