Tools of the Trade: Teleprompt+ for iPad

You knew someone was going to eventually figure this one out. Teleprompter for iPad.
I received a Facebook message this week from friend and former News Director Gina Katzmark  touting the new Teleprompter+ app for iPad. Gina now works as a Associate Director of Communications at the Wake Forest University Schools of Business. She was in need a field teleprompter for a recent shoot. Enter the iPad.

It use to be that field teleprompters were expensive and cumbersome, but a necessary evil. Today, with the portability of tablets, teleprompters in the field are seamless.

“It’s a very economical solution when a TelePrompTer is needed in the field,” says Katzmark . “If you already have an iPad, you can spend less than $100 for the App and accessories to create one versus hundreds of dollars for a rental or more than a thousand to purchase a traditional one.”

She added, “you have the option to just prop the iPad right above the camera and use it directly, or get reflective glass and mount the iPad flat and allow the glass to reflect the text over the camera lens. It works best to set a comfortable speed and let it go. We used an iPod touch to remotely control it via Bluetooth. The remote tended to cause the iPad (Prompter) screen to glitch when slowing down or speeding up, and I noticed that the iPod was slightly behind the iPad.”

“The App works on an iPhone or iPod touch as well, so theoretically, a reporter could put his or her script into it and use their mobile device as a scrolling notepad, versus the traditional paper reporters’ notebook,” she recommends.

Teleprompter+ allows you to write your scripts directly into the program or by copying and pasting from any other. In the latest version teleprompter+ will also record your presentation with the from facing camera, which you can then save and share as you like.

The app is the creation of Bombing Brain Interactive which also sells a host of support gear for the iPad, including an iPad stand, and mirrored glass adapter.

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