InstaGram Makes A Big Splash with Sandy

The numbers are staggering, 10,000 photos per second during the height of the storm. Never before have this many photos been snapped and shared during a news event.

Call it the adoption of technology meets the power of social media. Hurricane Sandy has set the standard for social media and how a major event is covered by the mobile population.

Not familiar with InstaGram, ask your teenager. This mobile app has exploded in social circles, with the ability to share, like and comment on photos. In fact in August, comScore reported that Instagram passed Twitter in the amount of daily active users in during the month, as well as blowing past the tweet app in total time spent online.

comScore also reports Instagram has increased tenfold since March, now with nearly 8 million daily mobile users, Twitter has 6.9 million. To Twitter’s credit it did still win out in total unique viewers  (29 million vs. 21 million), but fewer of them returned on a daily basis and spent less time on the app.

Some of the first pictures from Hurricane Sandy were being shared by users in Instagram, and because the app is hashtag searchable, pulling in pictures was a breeze. As of this writing there are 618,108 with the #sandy hashtag, 381,751 with the #hurricanesandy hashtag and 44,037 with the #frankenstorm hashtag. That’s over a million pictures.

As Sandy approached the northeast shoreline, mobile cameras were everywhere.

Here is one (photo right) of the first pictures snapped of the damaged crane above the New York skyline. Shared socially before hitting the local and network airwaves.

Since the storm, websites have popped up dedicated to Hurricane Sandy photos.

Instacane is billed as “the story of Hurricane Sandy told through Instagram pictures.” Made possible via Instagrams API offered free online.

If Instagram sounds familar to you, it should. Earlier this year Facebook bought the photo sharing service for $1 billion, beginning its meteoric rise.

Instagram has proven it deserves to be in a station’s social media arsenal. The app allows sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare accounts. Your viewers and users are already there.

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